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Weybridge Winter Head

TSS won two pennants outright (see report below), and had a share in a third at Weybridge Winter Head.

Claire-Louise French and Rosemary Thom represented TSS in a composite with Walbrook, that won women's Masters C/E eights by thirty seconds on raw time, and a minute on handicap. 

Lawrence Williams reports on the Great Ache group's campaign:

Great results for the spring chickens amongst TGA, who won the D/E quad(Chris Shea, Derek Bond, David Best and Ben Bridger) and the E/F doube (David and Ben again), who almost didn’t make it having spent too much time in the pub over lunch. 

For the mature broilers in the F eight, the day had something different to offer.

If there’s one sound above all others that delights the rowing public on a river bank, it is the sound of an eight, plus cox with megaphone, engaged in dialogue on the subject of how to get across a fast-flowing stream to the opposite bank in between oncoming racing crews on a blind bend. If it’s a vet crew you can double the noise for every decade as the certainty of each crew member that they are the only one who knows what to do increases and compounds their growing deafness and lack of interest in anybody else’s point of view.

TGA has tightened up on discipline since the epic shoutathon at the Putney turning point in the 2012 Bernie Thompson, but early-season nerves and ten minutes of thrashing along at flank speed at a rate far in excess of that planned had taken their toll. It was all too much. The noise was appalling and nothing Richard Attenborough has brought to us over the years came close. Finally, when we’d all calmed down and the bank marshal had stopped laughing, we were left with a feeling of serenity and accomplishment and it made a fitting reintroduction to rowing for TGA’s latest recruit, Angus – his first race for about forty years.

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100 Club

The following have won £50 in January’s 100 Club draw:

A. McFall
C. A. Wood
J. R. Maudslay
P. C. Walker
J. Stoner
C-L. French

And £10 for the following:

R. Clarke
W. Woodward-Fisher

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Easter Sculling Course

Booking is now open for the 2015 Alec Hodges Easter Sculling Course.

Held from 6th to 10th April, the course runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, and is open to adult and junior athletes of all abilities. 

See the Sculling Courses section for full information, to read the terms and conditions and to download an application form.

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Walton Small Boats Head

A huge TSS entry saw two trailers head to Walton, and there were some very good results at all levels and across all boat categories - no least an outstanding fifteen pennants.

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