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Walton Small Boats Head

A huge TSS entry saw two trailers head to Walton, and there were some very good results at all levels and across all boat categories - no least an outstanding fifteen pennants.

Double Sculls

Fastest TSS boat overall, and fifth overall, were IM1 winners Simon Suthers and Paul Bruce; just behind them in eighth, and winners of the IM3 pennant, were Tom Wheeler and Mark Roberts.

Jesses Brown and Belcher, in WIM2, were the fastest women's boat of the day, and Ben Bridger and David Best won Masters E.

Coxless Pairs

Top TSS boat, third overall and Senior winners, were Adam Ridler and Murray Wilkojc. There was double success for Elaine Johnstone and Debbie Beadle, who together won IM1; Elaine also took WSenior with Caroline Matthews (and were fastest women's pair of the day), while Debbie won WIM2 with Rowi Mortimer.

Tim Sanders and Robert Rakison won Masters F and were second in E. There were also second places for Bill Fields and Adam Lodygowski in Elite, and Duncan Head and Eddie Beckett in IM3.

Single Sculls

Charlie Clarke was the club's fastest sculler, finishing third overall with his second place in Elite; racing in another division, he won Senior. Billy Fields won IM1, David Rogal IM3 and David Best Masters E. Jess Belcher was the fastest TSS woman, winning the WNovice pennant, and Jess Brown won WIM1.

James Sanders (IM2) and Ben Bridger (Masters D) were both second in their categories, and Dimeji Ogunyoye (Senior) and Charlie Maynard (IM3) third. 

Click here for full results.

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Two sweep crews raced at Wallingford, with Judith Schulz, Rowi Mortimer, Caroline Matthews and Rhona MacCallum winning WIM1 coxless fours, while The Great Ache were second in Masters E eights.

The Great Ache Goes Round The Bend

(c) Professor Michael Gleeson

Lawrence Williams reports:

Traditionally, TGA race reports feature sunlight, a willingness to see good in all men and general acceptance of what life has yet to offer. And so it was at Wallingford for the first thousand metres of the race.

Then came the S bends.

Hard on bow side,

Hard On Bow Side!




Expletive deleted. @@@##**!! Error 404.

Branches and weeds everywhere. Much supressed un-parliamentary language.

The steering had failed. We had stopped. We came 2nd out of 3.

Thank you and Good Night. 

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Scullers Head

TSS members accounted for about 10 per cent of the entries in this year's Scullers Head, and showed strong performances across the board.

Fastest man was Daniel Dalmau, seventh overall and winner of the Senior pennant, with Nathan O'Reilly eighth (and IM2 winner), Niall Kenny ninth and Stuart Heap tenth. Mike Lawrence, in fifteenth place, took the IM1 pennant.

The club's fastest woman was Jess Brown, who was eighth-placed woman and second in WIM1, with Debbie Beadle ninth woman overall and third in the same category. Jess Belcher, despite appearing in the first set of results as DNS, put in a strong performance to win WIM3 lightweight, while Kate Grose won Women's Masters E.

Other notable results were second places for Andrea Finn (WMB) and Roseanna Eisdell (WMNov), and third for Adam Ridler (IM1), Adam Lodygowski (Senior), Caroline Matthews (WIM3), Claire-Louise French (WME) and Vicky Sixsmith (WMF/G).

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The Junior Men and Women achieved some very pleasing results at Hampton Junior Head.

Hampton is a very high standard event, and coming in the top three or four is always very good.  Marcus was beaten into second by an old adversary from Kingston, Ollie marked a return to form by being third in J18 1x, and the J15 quad showed the progress they are making by being fourth, and there were also two fourth places - for Meg and the double - in WJ17 events.   

Those who were down the order in their events still put in good performances and generally happy with everyone and the weather and support from parents.  This shows us where we are at and what we need to do over the winter. CFW

Click here for full results.

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