Weekend Racing

The club was out in force at both the Vesta Veterans' Head and the Head of the River.

Highlights of a great weekend of racing were the Women's A pennant and fastest women's boat of the day, as well as a composite win in Women's Masters E, on Saturday, and tenth place overall for the first eight on Sunday.

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Kingston Head

A small contingent raced at Kingston Head in preparation for the Vesta Veterans' Head and the Head of the River.

In the afternoon division, the Men's Squad HoRR second eight - Eddie, Duncan, Lucas, Graham, Aran, Murray, Charlie and Ben, coxed by Helen - won the Senior pennant and were second overall.

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A small group of TSS Juniors made the first pilgrimage of the year to Dorney Lake for the Oarsport Junior Sculling Head, run with ruthless efficiency by our very own Chris Williams.

A benign day with completely calm conditions on the 2012 Olympic course brought out some great racing in very competitive divisions, more than justifying the decision to miss a day's school. The J15 quad of Alfie, Calvin, Stefan and Oli, coxed by Cosmo, came 5th out of 39. Alfie and Cosmo then linked up with Dom, Alex and Sebastian to produce an equivalent performance in J14 quads, coming 6th out of 41. Fine performances in a top quality event. AE

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Women's Eights Head

The club's women put in strong performances across the board at the Women's Eights Head of the River. In particular, the Women's Squad demonstrated its strength in depth, recording its best overall result for twenty years, with all three of its crews finishing inside the top 50 - we were the only club to achieve this at the 2015 race.

© Michael Gleeson

TSS A: B. Essex, J. Belcher, R. Davies, D. Beadle, J. Brown, R. Humphreys, R. Mortimer, C. Dexter, M. Fisher (cox) - 19th overall, 21:03.7, 6th of 39 in IM2 (and fastest IM2 club crew)

The first eight were not taking any chances not to be seen this year, donning high-vis shirts. Setting off fourteenth, we knew that we were going to be faced with some big crews around us; as  a mainly lightweight crew, our focus was on keeping good technique when things go dark.

We enetered this race with our heads held high after our battle with Blondie the previous week, which saw us draw one-all in a two-piece match. We knew we had speed when it came together.

Off the start, we soon lengthened onto our rhythm and found ourselves fast approaching Thames B. Cox Miranda spurred us on past Barnes Bridge, and with a push we soon found ourselves passing then moving away from the Thames boat.

Our next target was Wallingford. We started to creep up on them, making light work of the tricky water, however with added headwind we were finding it challenging. They put in a push, we came back, they pushed again, we responded. The battle continued to the finish line. We ran out of river to take them, but were not disappointed at finishing half a length off them.

After a crowded paddle back, we waited for the results. Nineteenth place was nothing to be sniffed at, and with ten seconds between us and six places higher something to chase going into summer season. Overall a good solid race with all the action a head brings. DB

© Michael Gleeson

TSS B: D. Conway, R. MacCallum, S. Supple, K. Grose, S. Hofmann, N. Fiechter, A. Finn, J. Schulz, T. Jackson (cox) - 21st overall, 21:11.1 (Masters B)

Snapping at the heels of the first eight came the Masters crew. This was a quality outfit, with several former internationals on board, and despite their limited time together the crew posted the fastest Masters time overall, but just lost the pennant to a Masters C boat on handicap.

© Michael Gleeson

TSS C: S. Loughlin, L. Jacob, M. Saunders, Z. Gullen, M. McLaughlan, S. Fraser, J. Johnston, A. de Ryke, S. Margetts (cox) - 47th overall, 21:59.9, 7th of 126 in IM3

The IM3 boat, in which the senior women were joined by some of the club's top juniors, had a very enjoyable race. Setting off near the back of their division, a positive start and settle into a strong race rhythm saw them overtake their first boat at the White Hart, and then the next at Barnes Bridge. They continued to catch and overhaul other crews down the course, which made for a competitive and lively race (particularly the clash downstream of St Paul's). Passing their last crew at Fulham Football Ground, the IM3s then chased down their target of a top-fifty finish from the Black Buoy in, and were delighted when a provisional 54th was revised to a final 47th overall. ZG

TSS/Barnes Bridge Ladies/Kingston/Mortlake/Thames: P. Peel - 114th overall, 22:53.3 (Masters F) 

© Michael Gleeson

TSS/Walbrook: R. Thom, J. Al-Janabi - 199th overall, 23:56.4 (Masters E)

© Michael Gleeson

TSS D: Z. Burns, X. Neale, A. Brewer, C. Delmar, M. Mortimer, J. Behan, C. Allen, C-L. French, M. Taube (cox) - 257th, 25:04.0 (Masters E)

A fast stream made marshalling a little challenging, but as the Women's Masters E were number 67, we didn't have long to wait before the start. We went off at a good steady pace, enjoying clear water until we gave crew 70 a run for their money at the Eyot. It was helpful to have Barnes Bridge Ladies (coxed by TSS's Sid Suthers) to push off for a stretch past Barnes Bridge. We held on to them, and it was only when there was a seat malfunction that we lost valuable time. But we really enjoyed the race and had some nice pieces when the boat was moving well. MM

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Video from Dr Simon Parsons 

Thanks go to all of the club coaches, in particular Tim Earnshaw and Jack Carr, as well as Tom Gale and Rhona MacCallum; to Tim Male for help with gearing blades on the morning of the race; to St Paul's and Putney Town for the loan of boats; and to Professor Michael Gleeson and Dr Simon Parsons for the photos and video.

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On Sunday 8th February the TSS juniors went to the South of England Indoor Rowing Championships.

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