TSS 100 Club FAQ


What is the TSS 100 Club?
It's a lottery. You buy tickets, which then take part in draws for cash prizes. Half of the sales proceeds are paid out in prizes and the rest goes to TSS to fund boats and blades.

How does it work?
It runs on the basis of a quarterly subscription of as much as you would like. You subscribe to stakes of £3 each and you can have as many stakes as you like. Each £3 stake is allocated a number and all stakes participate equally in a number of prize draws held during the year.

When are the draws, and what are the prizes?
There are four quarterly draws for a series of £50 prizes with the total value of the prizes distributed each quarter approximating to half the value of receipts that quarter. 

How do I join?
Just fill in an application form (available at the clubhouse or click here to download) and leave it in the white box on the wall in the club room. At the same time please set up a standing order online or alternatively complete a form and send it to your bank. Please be sure to reference the payment with your name so we know who to send the prizes to!

Who supports the TSS 100 Club?
Whether you are a TSS member, spouse, parent or friend of the club and as long as you are over 18, we hope you will. There is no limit on the numbers of stakes and prizes will increase in step with the value of the subscriptions. The more of us that participate, the more boats and blades we can buy. Your support is gratefully received.

Where has the 100 Club money gone?
In 2013 a Wintech quad was purchased, which has been used by all but the lightest senior and junior squads. More recently, in 2017 a set of Concept2 Skinny Sweep Smoothies was purchased, to be used initally by the Senior Women.

For further information, e-mail 100club@tidewayscullers.com