TSS 100 Club Rules


1) The Club shall be called the TSS 100 Club (the Club).

2) The object of the Club is to provide funds for the purchase of boats and blades by Tideway Scullers School (TSS).

Officers and Committee of the Club
3) The Club will be run by members of TSS forming a Committee of four Officers (the Committee) appointed by the TSS Executive Committee. Three Officers shall form a quorum. The Officers may co-opt other members of TSS to assist in the running of the Club.

4) Applications for membership shall be made on the Club's application form and shall be accompanied by a completed standing order form. Members, who must be over 18 years old, may apply for any number of stakes. There is no limit on the number of members. If, for whatever reason, an application is not accepted by the Committee, the monies shall be returned.

5) The subscription shall be £3 per stake and any number of £3 stakes can be subscribed for, payable by monthly or quarterly standing order. The Committee shall have the power to refuse the subscription of any member.

Bank account
6) The Committee will maintain a separate bank account to be used solely for the running of the Club.

Tickets, draws and prizes
7) Each stake shall be numbered. All stakes will be equally eligible to participate in all prize draws held during the year. There iwill be four quarterly prize draws with the timing of the draws at the discretion of the Committee. The value of each prize will be £50 and each draw will continue until the total value of prizes for each draw reaches 50% (rounded down) of the value of tickets received that quarter. Prizes of smaller amounts may be awarded to make up the required total. Prize cheques will be posted to the winners at their home addresses as soon as is practical after the draws. A list of prize winners will be published on the TSS website.

Accounts and Honorary Examiner
8) The Club's financial year will commence on 1 April and end on 31 March. The Committee will render accounts for the previous year certified by an Honorary Examiner appointed by the TSS Committee to that Committee by 30 June.

9) The surplus for the previous year or years shall be applied in support of purchases by TSS of boats and blades, taking into account advice by the TSS Executive Committee. The Commitee may advance funds to TSS prior to 31 March and/or the rendering of accounts, subject to sufficient funds being retained by the 100 Club to meet its liabilities.