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Hampton Head

At Hampton Head, the Juniors took to the water for their first race of 2012.

Judith Behan reports on a day to remember:

The freezing temperatures at boat-loading on Thursday evening were an indication of the cold to come, and the trailer left TSS at seven o'clock on Saturday morning with the car thermometer reading -7. At Hampton, the start was delayed for half an hour while the launches sped up and down breaking up the ice.
First down the course for TSS were the WJ18 doubles, with Maxie and Saskia taking 1st place, closely followed by Isabel F and Xanni in 4th and Eleanor and Flora 13th. Then came the WJ16 crew, and the first junior girls' coxed four ever fielded by the club: Cathleen, Katherine, Helena and Christa, coxed by Sophia, posted a superb 3rd place, 3.2 seconds behind the winners LEH. The WJ16 pair of Issy C and Jenny also finished 3rd, while the J14 quad (Monty, Finn, Mattieu and David, coxed by Hamish) showed their massive gains in technique and strength since the summer - many thanks to chief coach Tom Gale - and had a great race to finish 6th ahead of some noteworthy rowing schools.

The WJ18 quads were the first TSS crews in Division 2. Xanni, Maxie, Isabel and Eleanor hammered down the course and into 5th place, while further down the order the the other quad - Flora, plus WJ15s Saskia, Ella and Rosa - came in 12th. The last of the girls' crews to race was the WJ16 eight of Christa, Issy C, Jenny, Jackie, Sophie, Helena, Katherine and Cathleen, coxed by Sophia. The crew looked well-drilled and neat as they raced the 3k course - and were also quick as they finished 2nd to LEH by 0.9 seconds.

The club's last crew of the day was Ben, Ollie, Lucas and Jack, coxed by Alexander in J15 quads. Their 5th place out of twenty-three crews is a great tribute to their hard work and perseverance.

After an exhausting day all boats were loaded efficiently, all the new expensive trestles were returned to the trailer, and we were away.

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