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Two TSS vet men's eights took a trip down to Rouen in early October to race on the Seine, on the 7km round-the-island course beneath the spire of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen, the highest in France.

With the hotel just round the corner, the crews were called to a sumptuous breakfast by the stupendous sound of a carillon of fifty-six bells weighing in at 740 tons of iron and bronze. Nobody was late.

In bright sunshine and on an incoming tide with a following wind going upstream, the G eight reached the top of Ile Lacroix ahead of the E boat. By the time the crews returned the positions were reversed and only the sunshine remained favourable.

With just a single category for all masters, moral victories were easy to come by and attention turned to the evening's entertainment. This surpassed all expectations, with hundreds seated in a single room, excellent food, good service and an ear-splitting disco to follow, where moustachioed septuagenarian coaches were bodysurfed round the dance floor by their crews.

All in all, another great weekend and thanks to Nic for his superb organisation and to Putney Town for towing the boats. LW

E crew: Christopher Nugee, Marcus Hine, Derek Bond, Mike Phelan, Rob Ashworth, Tim Sanders, David Dewhurst, Ben Bridger, Kristian Wentzel (cox).

G crew: Hugo Williams, Angus McIntosh, Simone Frehe (PTRC), Robert Rakison, Mike Gleeson, Doug Johnstone, Nic Karonias, Chris Shea, Beverley Johnstone (cox).