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Weybridge Winter Head

The Great Ache at Weybridge: A Race Report

Stunning bright and cold weather conditions at Weybridge enticed a win in Masters E 2x from David Best and Ben Bridger, the youth and beauty (you decide) of TGA, who recorded the event’s fastest Masters 2x time. Proudly flaunting his brand new pair of compression socks, Ben presented a vision of manliness, baring his knees all the way down the course in the biting cold.

Other matters preyed on the minds of the more mature entry. The New Year had enabled an optimistic first appearance of The Great Ache in the bus pass-wielding 60+ Masters F category. But uncertainty crept in while marshalling when an announcement to the start team warned them that 'a portaloo overflow crisis' had occurred. Weybridge is always so interesting.

No information as to the location of this troubling event was forthcoming and as the starter yelled 'Go' we feared the worst. Assuming we were being pursued by a wall of typhoid we left the scene with unseemly haste. This was a mistake, and the chickens had well and truly come home to roost by the end of Desborough Cut. Encouraged by the absence of oxygen we stopped thrashing about, calmed down and enjoyed the rest of the race in no small part aided by Kristian’s well-judged racing line.

A most enjoyable morning and thanks to Putney Town for providing their trailer and to Angus for towing. LW

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