Racing Roundup

Fours Head and Veteran Fours Head

The club was well represented over a challenging weekend of tideway racing, with pennants won on both days.

At Saturday's Fours Head the Senior Men claimed both the Senior 4- (Adam Ridler, Stuart Heap, Tim Male and Adam Lodygowski) and IM1 4+ pennants (Bill Fields, Fred Gill, Eddie Beckett, Murray Wilkojc and cox Jonna De Vries), and were also second in Elite 4x. The Senior Women, meanwhile, showed their growing strenght in depth, with the WSenior 4- the third-fastest women's boat overall, and second in their category, s well as a second place in WIM2 4+ and third in both WIM1 4+ and 4-.

Then, on Sunday, there were was a win in Women's Masters E 4x (Ann-Isabel Walker, Jo Al-Janabi, Kasia Lawrence and Katie Robins), as well as for a Masters H 4x composite (Raymond Tollman and Michael Tebay, with Andy Kapica (Kingston) and Quintin's Dick Findlay).

Kingston Small Boats Head

Racing in glorious sunshine on the last day of October, the club had a very successful day upriver at Kingston.

In the morning division, Stefan and Oli had an excellent scull to win J16 2x, and Marcus also had a very good win in Junior 1x. The Senior Women, meanwhile, had two wins - Andrea Finn, Kate Grose, Judith Schulz and Rhona MacCallum in WIM2 4-, and Caroline Matthews, Rowi Mortimer, Livs Uguz and Elaine Johnstone, coxed by Sarah Davies, in WIM2 4+ - and a second place for the WIM2 4x.

Then, racing in Division 2, Laurence had an absolutely fantastic scull to win J16 1x by ten seconds. Meg won WIM2 1x, and the club also claimed the WIM3 2x pennant.

British Rowing Senior Championships

Alan Campbell won bronze, racing in a TSS/Agecroft/Borlase quad.


Head of the Charles

Mary Mortimer reports on the Masters Women's race in Boston:

Autumnal blue skies and sunshine were the backdrop to our race at 10:26 a.m. on Saturday 17th October. The weather forecast anticipated a cold snap, but in fact brought a fairly stiff headwind that would have stopped head races on the tideway. However, having trained together since January the crew - Phoebe Daws, CL Frnech, Clare Allen, Mary Mortimer, Adrianne Brewer, Clare Delmar, Zoe Burns and Xanthe Neale, coxed by Hilary Cook -took the ferocious conditions at the start in their stride.

Kitted out with a brand-new red and barely used Hudson courtesy of Community Rowing, Inc. at the Harry Parker Boathouse, we had an exciting race, taking excellent lines through the bridges, according to the race commentators, and narrowly missed a pile-up at the Weeks Brige.

We moved up two places on our start position, finishing 23rd out of 35, and achieved a very respectable time. A great time was had by all. 



Clean Sport (Anti-Doping) Workshop

A Clean Sport (Anti-Doping) Workshop delivered by Jacqui Johnston, British Rowing Area Education and Training Manager, will be held in the TSS clubroom on Friday 13th November, starting at 7 p.m.

It is recommended that all members, junior senior and veteran - as well as parents of juniors - attend the workshop. Details of registration are available via group co-ordinators. 


Weybridge Silver Sculls

Five wins for the club's men at Weybridge Silver Sculls:
  • J14 1x Dom
  • J17 1x Marcus
  • MB 1x Tim Male
  • MD 1x Ben Bridger (tied for first place)
  • J17 2x Marcus and Luke

Click here for full results


Pairs Head

As always, the club was out in force at the first tideway head of the new season, with entries in senior, masters and junior events. The club will also be well represented at the prize-giving, with wins in six events:
  • Elite lightweight 2x Adam Lodygowski and Niall Kenny
  • WSenior 2- Kate Grose and Andrea Finn (TSS/Kingston composite)
  • IM1 2x Murray Wilkojc and Nick Marriott
  • WIM2 2- Anna Terry and Maxi Scibor-Rylska
  • WME 2x Jo Al-Janabi and Kasia Lawrence
  • MxMF 2x Mark Alloway and Ruth Bradbury (TSS/Parr's Priory composite)