World Rowing Masters Regatta

Racing at the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Hazewinkel, Pauline Peel and Helen Bloor (Nottingham RC) won their Women's D pairs event by seven hundredths of a second.

Dickie Clarke reports on the Veteran Men's races:

The Veteran Men entered an F coxed four of Mark Alloway, David Hickey, Dickie Clarke, Tim Sanders and cox Otto Rodd. We were fourth, with an Occoquan crew first, Quintin second, an international crew (but mostly from Port Marly, Paris) third. We were 4.62 seconds behind the winners and just 0.12 seconds behind the third-placed boat.

We also entered a composite G eight with Geoff Peel (Quintin), Tim Lincoln (Henley), Klaus Riekemann (Minerva Bath) and Tony Stokes (Broxbourne).  This crew came second by 4.55 seconds to an international composite crew from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
We had good rows in both races and felt that we had performed satisfactorily against a very high standard of opposition.

Start of Season

At the Special General Meeting held at the TSS boathouse on Sunday 13th September, Rhona MacCallum was elected club captain.

The meeting was followed by the naming of three double/pairs after club members Simon Suthers, James Dunley and Hugh Williams, as well as the relaunch of the Andy Ripley.

The day concluded with the Bernie Thompson Challenge Sculls, which was won by Adam Ridler. Pennants also went to Marcus (Junior), Ben Bridger (Veteran Men), Caroline Matthews (Women), Meg (Junior Women), and Kate Grose (Veteran Women).

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Safety Notice

Autumn river closures and other river events, September to December 2015. From the Notice to Mariners U15 of 2015.

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Great Ouse Marathon

Much breath held at the Ouse - Lawrence Williams reports on the Great Ouse Marathon

The Masters Women joined The Great Ache on the Ouse for the first time. Four TSS crews entered, and every one of them broke the course record.

© Conor O'Neill

In sparkling conditions the women's E quad of Pat Canning, Claire-Louise French, Kasia Lawrence and Ann-Isabel Walker led the way. They completed the 22km course in 1:39.51, just shy of three minutes inside the women's E course record (and inside those of the other women's quads too), and achieved despite losing a top nut en route, to finish second behind Bedford.

Next were Katie Robins and Jo Al-Janabi in the E double; they won their event by a considerable margin. Their 1:45.19 also broke all previous records for women's masters doubles.

Fired with resentment at having been bumped from E to D, and panicked at the prospect of being beaten by the Masters Women, what should have been the E quad the D quad (Chris Shea, Rob Ashworth, Derek Bond and Ben Bridger) hurtled off the start at 29 and held it there for thirty minutes. It finally dawned on them that their chasing opponents had long since receded into the distance and they calmed down to win their event, and break the D record by more than minutes for good measure.

After some serious work with the address book a TSS/MAA F eight (Mike Gleeson, Colin Cracknell (MAA), Jan Koops, Lawrence Williams, Marcus Hine, Noel Davison, David Dewhurst, Mike Phelan and Kristian Wentzel (cox))  set a new record and fuelled the debate on second-half water breaks by recording a first half three minutes slower than their second half. Much breath was held until the results confirmed that the women had not beaten us.

It was yet another great day out in the sunshine with the Ouse hospitality unflappable in the face of a hugely expanded event.

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