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British Rowing Offshore Championships

The club was represented by Judith Schulz and Caroline Matthews at the inaugural British Rowing Offshore Championships, held at Sandbanks in Dorset.

Racing in a TSS/Leander composite with GB internationals Louisa Reeve and Imogen Walsh, coxed by Oxford Boat Race winner Erin Wysocki-Jones, the quad took and early lead, which they maintained throughout the race to win in 30:48.

Reporting on the event, Judith said: 'As a competitor I loved the side-by-side start, including having to jump in, get feet in (though Caroline didn't bother and just raced the entire thing feet out), and then do a race start to get ahead before everyone piles around the first buoyed turn. The finish is a short sprint away from the landing spot, which sounds simple except that your legs are like lead after the row. 

'There was great camaradery, made possible by everyone hanging out together at the start/finish line, rather than being separated by a 2km+ distance.

'Having conditions change at every turn made the race more interesting you have to deal with a headwind/tailwind/side-on wind, plus riding the wavers or ploughing through - or having them come side-on. The waves were quite tame in the scheme of ocean rowing, so here's to next year with hopefully proper waves!'

Claire McInotsh was also in action as an umpire, and said, 'It was a whole new experience: umpiring from a RIB with multiple other umpires, and five races in about four hours (Junior Champs ran on five-minute intervals), with heats and finals on different-length courses. Then beach starts, crews standing in the sea, a buoyed course but the boys are probably 800-900 metres apart and the crews all have their own views on the best route from one to another!'