Visiting Crews

To request boating permission for head races, e-mail

Permission must be requested in writing, and secured for each individual crew before submitting entries on BROE2. Crews that fail to do so may be refused permission and the race organisers notified.

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Boating fee

The boating fee for 2018/19 is £4 per athlete per day, including coxes. Boating fees are paid by bank transfer once the draw has been published.


Trailers must only be parked on the hard standing area opposite the Dukes Meadows Golf & Tennis Club entrance, about two hundred metres past TSS, and not on the grass/soft ground. Please park trailers close together and carry boats and equipment to the rigging area under the trees. Once the trailer has been parked, the towing vehicle must be removed and parked elsewhere; no towing vehicles are to be parked on the hard standing area.


There is limited parking in the bays along Dan Mason Drive. Parking is also available on the roads around Chiswick Bridge, and the streets off Hartington Road, but is limited so car-sharing is strongly advised.

Public transport

The nearest train stations are Mortlake and Chiswick - both approximately 25 minutes from Waterloo. The 190 bus (from Hammersmith/Richmond) stops on the A316, just north of Dan Mason Drive.

Rigging area

Boats are rigged on the grass under the trees. Please do not rest boats on the parking-bay rails. All equipment must be kept off the public footpath.

Pre-race outings

If you wish to pre-paddle from the club please ensure your steerspersons are familiar with the Tideway Code and navigation. If you are unsure, please ask.

Getting on the water

There are no pontoons, so please make sure crews and their helpers all have wellies/water shoes so that you are able to walk your boat into the water without delay. Blades should be put neatly at the sides of the steps before you boat. The left-hand ramp (the ramp closest to the boathouse) is very slippery and should not be used. Launches will use the right ramp for river access.

Race numbers

Numbers will be on a table inside the club room. If you return your number at the end of racing, we will return it to race control for you.

Changing rooms/toilets

Crews are welcome to use our changing rooms and showers. For the bigger races, there will also be portaloos near the rigging area.

Club room

You are very welcome to use the club room and balcony to relax before and after the race, and use the electrical sockets to charge cox boxes. A cash bar will serve sandwiches, hot drinks, cakes and other refreshments.

Valuables and security

Do not leave any valuables in the club room or changing rooms. There will be about five hundred people in and around the club on race day and spotting the thief is tough. Cars are also often targeted.